Single dashboard for easy use - Golf Field booking application on AWS

About the client

The customer has an application that features a collection of golf courts, that allows users to find venues and book them as per availability.

Customer wanted a seamless integration of messaging to the existing services, so that users of the website could be instantly notified on successful booking. He also wanted them to receive updates such as cancellation or re-allotment immediately.

Problem Statement

The client was trying to use independent services to manage the end-to-end needs of his business and this was difficult as manual intervention was required to transfer data from one service to the other. Any changes they needed to make were time consuming, and test cycles were getting longer.

The management understood that having an infrastructure that would scale with the company would be invaluable. They were also clear that they did not want to invest in a datacentre.

Proposed Solution

The Power Centre Private Limited (PCPL) technical team went through cycles of discussion where it was mutually agreed upon that AWS would provide the opportunity to turn their application into a wider platform that would help them interact more effectively and therefore provide a better service to customers.

All the services they required could be integrated in to one unified architecture.

Customer was very happy with the advantages he saw from this solution -

  • When all services are integrated and come from one cloud provider, it is much easier to ensure that the solutions are properly setup, customised as per need and all data is migrat
  • IT staff become more productive, because they do not have to log into a dozen different control panels every time a new employee comes on board or every time someone gets a new device.
  • Having a properly integrated solution also ensures ease of use to utilize the full capabilities of the solution.

Cloud Platform and Technologies

AWS LightSail, Route53, Work mail, Pinpoint, S3, AWS Textract

AWS Services Alternate Services Reasons
Light Sail On-Prem Datacenter Server (Bundled service)
Route 53 GoDaddy, Comodo, Managing DNS and Domain Registration
Work Mail Gmail, Ymail, O365 Mailing Service(Although work mail is not cost effective customer wanted to maintain invoice in single dashboard)
Pinpoint Different ISP Messaging Service
S3 Google drive, Onedrive Storage Service
TextRact Extracting Text from images and PDF's

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